Group Leader

Dr. Bimalendu B. Nath, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor, Department of Zoology
Savitribai Phule Pune University (Formerly the University of Pune)

Pune 411007, India


C.V. of B B Nath_Jan 2021

Media outreach:

1. Nath B.B.- Popular article on “COVID-19 and Evolutionary Selection Pressure”, published on Live Science on March 21, 2020.

B.B. Nath_COVID-19 and Evolutionary Selection Pressure _ Live Science Forums

Also published as ‘Perspective’ by International Daily edition of Tehran Times on April 8 2020.

2. Classroom Unplugged: Crossword Biology- A must have book for every Biology Enthusiast!

Released on 20 Oct 2019 (Leena Thorat & Bimalendu B. Nath)

3. Nath B.B.- Interview with the TIMES OF INDIA on “Study shows impact of climate and geography on ecotypes of bees”, published on May 5, 2019. []

BBN_interview with the Times of India_2019

4. Nath B.B.- Interview with INDIA BIOSCIENCE on “In higher education, what relationship do teaching and research share?”, posted on Nov 16, 2018 under POLICY, TEACHING and RESEARCH.

BBN_interview with IndiaBioscience_2018

5. Nath B.B.- Interview with MUMBAI MIRROR on “UGC’s circular to desist from animal dissection”, posted on Feb 24, 2014. []

Interview with MUMBAI MIRROR

6. Nath B.B.– Interview with EDU-TECH on Animal experimentation, posted on Dec 12, 2013. Interview with EDU-TECH


Pratibha Bomble
Doctoral Student (Senior Research Fellow)

Chaitali Shinde
Doctoral Student 

Minal Kulkarni-Ronge
Doctoral Student

Amarinbanu Shaikh
Project JRF

Sneha Adsule
Project JRF

Snehal Ladkat
Research Assistant