Ph.D. Alumni of Stress Biology Research Group

Current Collaborators & Former lab members

Dr. Leena Thorat
Postdoctoral Visitor
Department of Biology, Faculty of Science
York University, Toronto, ON, M3J 1P3, Canada.

CV_Leena Thorat

Media Outreach

  1. Soapbox Science Toronto, Canada

2. Leena_interview with the SEB_ Spotlight article_2019

3. Leena_interview with the EMBO_2019

4. Classroom Unplugged: Crossword Biology- A must have for every Biology Enthusiast!

Dr. Anupama Ronad
Scientific Officer
Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE, Mumbai)
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India.

CV_Dr. Anupama Ronad

Lab Ph.D. alumni

Dr. Pallavi Gaikwad

Dr. Kanchan Phatak

Dr. Rahul Gaikwad

Assistant Professor
Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar

Dr. KailasDatkhile

Senior Research Officer & In-charge
Molecular & Genetic Laboratory
Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics
Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University, Karad

Dr. Ananda Babrekar

Quality Manager
Sahyadri Medical Genetics & Tissue Engineering Facility
Unit of Sahyadri Hospitals Ltd., Pune